Alexander Henry Route 66 Cotton Pillow Cover

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Alexander Henry Route 66 Cotton Fabric Pillow Cover

Alexander Henry Route 66 Cotton Fabric Pillow Cover

Do you love the USA? Want to show off your American pride in historic style? Our Alexander Henry Route 66 cotton fabric is the perfect material for all your clothing and decoration needs.

This Route 66 fabric celebrates the Will Rogers Highway, one of the first highways ever constructed in the United States. The road ran from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California from 1926 to 1985. Spanning 2,448 miles, the highway is largely considered the most famous highway to ever exist in America and has inspired songs, television series, and multiple forms of clothing.

Route 66 designs seek to capture the old spirit of America’s first highway, and few capture it as well as the hand-drawn designs of our Alexander Henry cotton fabric. Every state the massive road crossed is fully represented throughout the fabric, as well as pictures of old signs motorists saw when they drove down its lanes.

This 100% cotton fabric is perfect for making pillow covers like the one you see on the right, and we also offer it in black and off-white. It’s best used to capture the essence of historic America, but there are plenty of high quality images you can use separately too.

Alexander Henry Cotton Fabric Route 66

Alexander Henry Cotton Fabric Route 66

As always, you don’t have to purchase more than you need either. We offer premium Alexander Henry Route 66 cotton fabric by the yard, ensuring you never end up with a closet full of extra fabric you don’t need unless you absolutely want to. We also over fast shipping to ensure your materials are delivered long before your creative vision begins to fade.

Buy some of our Route 66 cotton fabric today and start making designer-level clothing and decorations tomorrow with premium Alexander Henry fabric that you won’t find while browsing in stores.

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