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Do you need a cost-effective fabric that will bring a new look into your home? Or are you a small business owner looking for a great heavy-use fabric for your waiting room or office furniture? The Poison Floral Drapery Décor Fabric is simple yet interesting, with a two-toned pattern showcasing stylized flowers and clean curved lines. It is sure to revitalize your décor.
The fabric is tested to withstand 45,000 double rubs, so it is specifically designed for high traffic and rough use areas, such as for business use. This bold design repeats about every 14.2” horizontal by 16.1” vertical. It would look great on a waiting room bench or sofa, or use it to create thick curtains to shade a sunny room. This fabric sells in continuous yards for $10.95 and comes in a width of 56”. Remember to request a $1 sample if you’d like to see this fabric in person before you buy.

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poison floral collage

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