Decorative Ballet Tutu Tulle Fabric

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If you love Halloween as much as I do, then you probably already started planning this year’s ideas the day after last year’s Halloween! Not to worry if you haven’t though, because we have some amazing DIY Halloween Projects that are simple and perfect for both last minute costumes and super spooky home decorations. Big Z Fabric has this awesome 40 yard roll of dark gray tulle that is just the perfect shade for these projects. Really, the possibilities are endless with tulle, but I’ve chosen two quick and easy no-sew options that will leave you plenty of time left over to think of endless other ways to use up this generous roll of fabric.

The first one is a classic tulle skirt. Now, this isn’t just limited to ballerinas, though. You can use it with a variety of costumes and even use it with slight modification and different lengths of tulle to make a collar for a vampire or to decorate a hat. The method is simple. You’ll just need a belt or stretchy fabric to go around the waist and then you’ll need to cut strips of tulle twice the size of the desired length. So if you want the finished skirt to be half a yard in length, you’ll need your strips to be a yard long. You’ll then simply tie the strip of tulle around the belt with a slip knot and repeat until the skirt is full. The second project is a spooky wreath to decorate with and is actually the same process as the skirt. Did I mention this was simple? We’ll just be changing the belt or stretch fabric out for a wreath base or circular object like a small hula hoop, etc. You’ll then double the strips again to the desired length and tie around the wreath base. Once finished you can add little spooky spiders or skeletons. I’m going to be doing a whole wall with different size wreaths in this spooky dark gray tulle fabric from BigZ Fabric. At 54” by 40 yards and at only $10.99 a roll, I’ll have plenty left over to decorate costumes too! What kind of projects are you going to make with this tulle?

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