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Fabrics can help you create timeless DIY projects. The dark brown and white two tone mono stripe suede fabric is a countless piece to start using. The stripes run vertical down the fabric and they are five inches in thickness. Discounted from $9.50 to an outstanding $3.99 per yard makes it much easier to stock up with for projects.

The cool, bold,and brown stripes of this soft durable fabric would make some unforgettable shower curtains. The average standard shower curtain is only about 72 inches in width and length. This would mean for the cost of approximately $10.00 eighty percent of your DIY materials have been covered in your project.

Too many items that match shouldn’t be a crime to your creative ability. Imagine some queen sized twin pillow cases to match your new bathroom theme. Just because the stripes are vertical doesn’t mean you can’t turn your fabric horizontally to give your pillow cases a different dimensional look. Speaking of horizontal, why not add a retro button-up polo to your wardrobe?

This easy to clean fabric is one hundred percent polyester. If you’re not sure about how this fabric will feel against your skin, order samples are $1. If you don’t have much interest for the look and style, but know someone who does, buy a yard for $3.99 and create a matching necktie or bowtie set for a cool holiday gift. Ta-Da!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY projects. The creation is up to you! Share your creations with us and check us out on Instagram @BigzFabric

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Mono Suede brown

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