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Ready to give your home a bright new look? Want to reupholster an older sofa, or even add a heavy, beautifully thick curtain? Then take a look at Upholstery Grade Solid Flocking Velvet Fabric. This fabric comes in 6 glorious colors. Choose from Black, Burgundy, Red, Green, Navy Blue, or Royal Blue depending on the occasion. Use this fabric to add a splash of color to your décor or match it to an existing theme in your home. Each option brings with it an elegant look that will only add to your home’s atmosphere. The fabric has a velvety texture that will not only look amazing but will feel impressive as well.

Upholstery Grade Solid Flocking Velvet Fabric has a cotton backing and is made of polyester. It has a width of 56 to 57 inches and will not stretch, making it a strong, reliable option. Available on the roll, you’ll have plenty of fabric for your larger upholstery projects. A 40-yard roll is available for $210.99. You can request a $1 sample to see this incredible fabric up close.

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upholstery grade velvet fabric

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