Low Price Tassel Trims Fabric!!!!!

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1 Collage Low Price Tassel Trims Fabric

1 Collage Low Price Tassel Trims Fabric

Christmas is less than one week away and their is still time to decorate your home for the holidays. What a better way to remodel your house with our top of the line new low price tassel trims fabric. Trims are manufactured ornaments applied for decorating or clothing purposes in order to enhance the beauty of your project. What a way to say goodbye to 2015 with these low price tassel trims that will surely draw the attention of you family and friends. Santa is watching if your naughty or nice and if your reading this, he has a message for you. ” Ho Ho Ho, Well Hello their fellow big z family i see you are reading this post and for that reason if you buy $50 dollars worth of fabric from my friends at Big Z Fabric, i will give you a mystery gift straight from my sack. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho….” For any questions regarding our products please call us at 213-624-BIGZ (2449)

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